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Friday, June 30, 2006

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Just saw the new Superman movie. Two thoughts and a letter:

1) Superman very, very pretty
2) Kate Bosworth bad choice for Lois

A Letter:

Dear Bryan Singer,

I love a lot of what you do. The Usual Suspects kicks so much ass that I don't believe that there is a buttock left in the universe for it to attempt to put its foot through. The first X-Men movie was great. I just can't say enough about how much I love House, Mr. Hugh Laurie in particular. And even though I saw your movie, Superman Returns, the first time, when it was just called "Superman," I still enjoyed it. In short, I like you, I really do.

However, I am noticing a disturbing blind spot in RE: James Marsden. Why is he in everything that you do? You do realize that he is boring, right? Do you not see a disturbing physical resemblance between Mr. Marsden and Mr. Jesse Spencer (Dr. Chase from House)? Do you realize that you had the chance to change the well-established opinion that Scott Summers is a complete dink, and you threw it away on James freaking Marsden?

If you like him, just ask him out. Stop putting him in all of your movies. Please. He seems like a nice enough guy, but watching him onscreen is as compelling as, um, watching "Apt Pupil," which, let's face it, was a mistake for not only you, but for Sir Ian McKellan AND Ethan Hawke. We are only human. I get that. But stop casting Marsden before someone gets hurt. Think of the children, Bryan. Think of the children.

With much concern and a sort of underlying respect and love, and warm huggles sprinkled on top,


PS- Maybe next time Kal Penn could have one or two spoken lines?

PPS- Frank Langella AND Eva Marie Saint! Well-played! That still doesn't excuse Marsden.

PPPS- Next time, Carrie-Ann Moss. Lois Lane should not be cuddly, dammit.

Post-Script: The Revenge- Also, Kevin Spacey and Parker Posey acted their little hearts out, as did Mr. Routh, so yay on you. Lose Marsden.